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Terms & Condition

When you click the “ACCEPT” button below this page it means that you agree to our customer’s terms and conditions. SO PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL THE CONDITIONS BEFORE STARTING USING “JMK Cab “APPLICATION AND WEBSITE. These Customer Terms are between you and KLADER DIRECT MARKETING PVT LTD (PARTIES)

Klader Direct Marketing Pvt Ltd is a company running an online taxi business that is useful for the customers.



Account : It means the account created by you on our application for accessing the service provided.

Additional fee : It simply refers to the any tolls, duty, or similar fees or charges that are not included but are payable by the customer.

Area of operation : Area in which these terms are to be accepted.

Booking confirmation : It simply means the confirmation notified to the customers with the respect to the ride booked.

Cancellation fees : Means the amount payable by you as a part of cancellation of the ride.

Driver : It refers to the individual who is registered to the JMK Cab as the third party driver.

Fare : Amount payable by you towards the service provided by the driver to you.

Registration data : It refers to the name, contact number, email address and other relevant information provided by you for registering on the JMK Cab application.

Ride : It refers to the service provided by the third party driver with respected to the ride book by you through our JMK Cab application.

Total fare : Means the fare to be given to the driver as for the services provided which will be specified on the application.

Vehicle : means the vehicle owned by the third party driver for providing the services to you.

You : It refers to the user of the JMK Cab application.


In order to avail the services and application you must

  • Be ready to provide necessary data which is accurate, complete, current and valid to the best of your knowledge.
  • Only open one account using your registration data, and not use the account of any other person.
  • Provide your own electronic device, which has a functioning contact number and access to internet services and us the ability to read text messages.


The application allows you to send a request o make a booking for a ride.

Once you have made a request to JMK Cab.

  • You must ensure that your device is turned on and configured properly with GPS active. And the application active.
  • The JMK Cab application will send your request to JMK Cab.
  • JMK Cab will then either accept or decline your booking on the basis of the availability of the drivers or vehicles.
  • It will be then notified in your phone as text message with the details or as notifications on your application screen.
  • Taxi then connect you with the driver which is available nearest to your location with respect to the time requested
  • Taxi keeps the records of the booking and ride.
  • Remotely monitor all the rides booked through JMK Cab application.


  • When your request for a ride is been accepted, you must check the confirmation provided by the JMK Cab including the pick up time and location. If there are any incorrect details on the booking inform respective person of JMK Cab.
  • You are responsible for any delay that may be caused due to your failure


  • You will be charged and you are responsible to pay the full amount including the base fare and additional and additional fares.
  • Payment can be done using either by payment gateway or by cash.
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